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Professional pipefitting and plumbing services union in Lexington, KY

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Our signatory contractors and members in Lexington, KY are trained, licensed and/or certified to work on a comprehensive range of pipe fitting and plumbing services jobs.

This includes plumbing, pipefitting, heating & air conditioning, steam and condensate systems, power gas piping, hazardous waste systems, pneumatic control systems, pipe fabrication, backflow prevention, and medical gas installation.

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Full service

With such an impressive list of signatory contractors and members, the Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 452 is able to provide services related to a wide range of industrial and commercial client needs. If you're planning a project, or are in the middle of one, and need assistance with plumbing and pipefitting, then count on our team in Lexington to help.

Fast service

Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 452 offers an extension list of signatory contractors and members the offer pipefitting and plumbing services to the Lexington and Central Kentucky region. This large labor pool allows us to provide fast, and highly flexible, service.

Fair service

We pride ourselves on being a union of pipefitting and plumbing services professionals. It's not only important to be trained, certified, and licensed, it's also important to be fair, honest, and committed to customer satisfaction. At Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 452 in Lexington, we work hard to ensure our signatory contractors and members meet this high standard.
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